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Development has taken a whole new perspective. It can no longer limit itself to the success of the product but it also has to address the waste that is generated in the process of producing the product. After the numerous and concentrated efforts of the scientific community, we now have the choice of a zero-waste growth. The global scientific fraternity is all awake with concepts of green products and technology. As the saying goes, ‘The proper use of science is not to conquer nature but to live in it’. - Barry Commoner. The idea is to find that fine balance between using, re-using and re-cycling as much as possible the limited natural resources, at the same time managing the waste that is often left neglected and untackled, causing many an environment hazard. Zeroing in on the ever-widening possibilities and innovations that are afloat, backed by the conviction of having worked with the end-user directly, Green In Future is a novel venture of like-minded professionals with achieving a sustainable future as the target. Among the many services provided, the diffusion of technology to as many as possible and as far as possible, educating and generating awareness by being the link between the producer and the user, giving adequate training to the interested to adopt an innovation in Urban Landscaping , Urban farming , Education , Environmental issues and Health etc are in the forefront. Newsletters, workshops, seminars, trainings and research demonstration are a few of the extended services. The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”– Lao Tzu We, at Green In Future, is ready to contribute towards the journey of the global community towards attaining a sustainable future by being the link between the technology and the end-user. Facilitating, imparting and empowering, in other words, The 3A`s (Awareness, Attitude and Adoption ) – our motto! Inventions and innovations happen but many a time they may not get the attention of the people who are looking for it because of the influx of and unsorted information. Green In Future would ideally be the watch-dog, thus informing and familiarising the end-users with the new in the world as well was providing the manpower, from our expert panel, to build awareness further to adopt new concepts.

Our Goal: Attaining a Sustainable Green Future

Our Services: Newsletter, Events (Seminar, Workshop, Conference and Trainings), Research and Demonstration

Our Focus Area: Urban Landscaping, Urban Farming, Environment, Health & Education

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