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Architectural Solar Association (ASA)

ASA Mission Statement
Architectural Solar Association (ASA) is an industry advocate for product certification, standards development, education & training, legislative regulations, building & energy codes and solar architecture design specification as they relate to architectural solar including BAPV , BIPV and other solar building materials and trades. Our goal is to transform building facades and other architectural surfaces into generating assets.


ASA Goals:

  • Standard Development
    A lack of clear building standards are a major barrier to integrating solar architecturally. By harmonizing the UL 1703 standard with IEC standards we will see changes that benefit the architectural solar market.
    Specific Architectural Solar standards also need to be developed.
  • Raise Awareness
    There is currently a lack of industry relevant education for design professionals. By empowering design professionals the industry will rapidly progress. Product companies need to actively integrate with the design process through education and BIM content.
  • Building Industry Adoption
    The global building industry and the solar industry have yet to fully integrate. Solar needs to be a ubiquitous resource for all building professionals.


Membership will include the following types of organizations: -

  • Architects, Engineers & Consultants
  • Property Developers  / Property Owners
  • Building Material Suppliers
  • Fenestration Companies
  • Glass & Glazing Companies
  • Tier 1 PV manufacturers, BIPV mfgs, BIPV2 (bifacial) mfgs
  • Research Institutes and Academic Institutions
  • Complimentary Industry Associations
  • Shading & Carport manufactures  and installers
  • Installers, EPC’s and Integrators
  • PV industry equipment manufacturers
  • Custom residential design & construction companies


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