Dr Geoff Nesbitt

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Dr. Geoff Nesbitt


Chief Executive Officer 

AboutDr. Geoff Nesbitt

Geoff began work as a research fellow with ICI Chemicals, followed by 22 years with Shell, in research, development, and management roles, in five different countries and cultures. Executive business education was acquired at IMD, followed by a start-up in the pet-chem and pharma business. In 2010 he joined Petrofac in the UAE as their first Director of Technology where he was responsible for evaluating investment opportunities. In 2018 Geoff became CEO of Verditek, a company manufacturing extremely lightweight semi flexible solar PV technology. Verditek PV modules are around 3 mm thick and weigh less than 3 kg/m2, making them safer, easier to install, and with a significantly smaller carbon footprint than conventional solar PV.