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Exhibitor Testimonials

Here's what our 2017 exhibitors have to say about their experience in The Big 5 Solar:


"The demand for solar energy in this region is growing at a high speed and that's why we are here to introduce our new intelligent solar street lighting."

—Mohammed Zain, Managing Partner
Campion International

"I think the greatest part of The Big 5 is that you get a wide variety of interaction with people from different cultures and countries all under one roof!"

—Anuj Nigam, Director
Startling Solar

"This is our first time in The Big 5 Solar and we are happy to find that there are a lot of visitors and a lot of people who are interested in this business."

—Abdulrahman Alnounou, CEO
Back 2 Back Distributions




   I have just come in from Jordan today to attend The Big 5 Solar. We already have a solar sector and I am looking forward to meet new suppliers here. We have been working with Siemens as well and I know that I will get a great response from The Big 5 Solar.

Munther Shraim, Project Manager

   We want to bring the solar concept to Pakistan so we have been very active throughout the show and looking forward to meet manufacturers at The Big 5 Solar.T here has been a very good attendance and I believe contacts alone are very important to develop a business which only happens through such shows.

—Faisal Ahmed, Manager

   Our company is in Portugal and Columbia, it is easier to transport our goods from Columbia to America whereas for Portugal we think the Middle East is a great option. I have come in from Columbia just to attend The Big 5 Solar. We have an energy company and are looking for suppliers at The Big 5 Solar 2017.

—Eliane Elias, Director
Ergone Group

   I am here at The Big 5 Solar because I am interested in the new technology and shift of energy production in the UAE. We are expanding our business into the area of electric mobility which is indirectly connected to solar energy.

—Sven Backhaus, Sales Director
Anthon B Nilsen

   Thanks to the dmg team for the personalized attention throughout the exhibition. It was well planned and our booth was busy on all 4 days. We got hundreds of business enquiries and we were very happy with the quality of visitors. We expect this to help generate very good sales in the coming days.

—Shantanu Dutta, Head of Sales & Marketing