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Dr. Geoff Nesbitt - Verditek PLC

60 seconds with Dr. Geoff Nesbitt, Chief Executive Officer, Verditek PLC


Dr. Geoff Nesbitt, Chief Executive Officer

Verditek PLC

How do you find the solar market in the Middle East right now?

The Middle East is currently full of potential for the solar industry. Like many other leading emerging markets, the Middle East wants to access the best solar technology at the lowest price point. And, like in other industries, it benefits from the race between international bidders competing for large utility-scale projects, often trying to break records for size and low prices, catching the attention of the world. It is promising to see that after decades of governments in the area subsidising domestic fuel, they are now turning their attention to renewables.

Why would you recommend doing business in this region?

The region is perfect for three reasons: greater lumens, climate conditions and willingness for users to take responsibility into their own hands and manage their energy needs.

What are the top 3 trends in the industry?

Microgrids, the transition to EV and energy storage are three topics high up on industry agendas. However, widening the scope to the bigger eco-system, energy distribution and smart solutions for remote control and asset management are also very topical.

What do these mean for your company?

Verditek Solar is leading the trends in terms of our ability to transition to EV, support energy storage and partner on microgrids to ultimately provide our clients with the solutions they need.

What products will you present at The Big 5 Solar?

We will be showcasing our lightweight solar systems that provide opportunities conventional modules cannot.

Why is there demand for them in the Dubai/Middle East?

There is an existential number of industrial roofs with large surfaces that cannot support conventional modules. Verditek Solar offers lightweight panels that are perfect for containerised units as well as other buildings that have low roof burdens.

How will the exhibition help you to grow business in the UAE?

The exhibition provides us with an opportunity to connect with partners and clients who are looking for lightweight solar panels to maximise energy generation and efficiencies.

About Verditek

Verditek PLC is an AIM-quoted, clean technology company dedicated to commercialising proven technology that delivers significant competitive advantage compared to conventional industrial solutions. From light-weight solar modules, cutting edge de-odourisation, and ground-breaking CO2 capture, Verditek is realising tomorrow's technologies today. 

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