Energy Storage


The production of solar energy is just one half of the equation. Equally as important is how that energy is stored and then distributed, whether it’s for a large-scale industrial plant or a home-based micro-unit. Batteries and battery packs have undergone radical development over the last few years, and the Big 5 Solar is your opportunity to see for yourself how new batteries and battery packs could work with your array, home-sized units, or other solar energy technology. Talk to the world’s leading experts in battery energy storage solutions, and network with key industry players.


Getting the most from your array isn’t simply down to effective solar collection, but smart battery management systems too. At Big 5 Solar, you’ll get the opportunity to network with some of the world’s leading experts in battery management systems, providing you with the information you need to take your solar energy business to the next level. With innovative ideas, ground-breaking developments, and a passion for generating cleaner, greener energy, you’ll have the chance to talk to experts with years of experience in developing efficient, affordable, and sustainable battery management systems.


The ability to charge and maintain battery storage systems is an essential component of solar energy management. Having more efficient charging means better power delivery, more economical closed and open-loop systems, and more controlled management of solar arrays and energy delivery systems. At Big 5 Solar, you’ll have the chance to network with the world’s experts in battery storage solutions, charging technology and devices that can enhance your solar energy systems and make them more effective. Talk to industry experts, and find out about the latest equipment coming on stream in 2018 and beyond.


Rechargeable Flow Batteries are at the heart of any effective solar energy system. Capable of holding a charge and releasing it in a controlled manner, they form an integral part of your overall solar energy management system. Whether you’re planning to set up a large-scale operation linked directly to an array or are offering your customers compact, home-suitable systems, it pays to stay up to date in the latest development in flow batteries. The Big 5 Solar is your opportunity to network with the world’s leading experts in flow batteries and compatible technology.


Fuel Cells for solar arrays deliver clean, green energy into everything from homes and businesses to the latest environmentally friendly charging stations for EVs. As the world moves away from fossil fuels and towards renewable energy, essential techniques such as hyper-efficient fuel cells are going to form the bedrock of the industry. The Big 5 Solar gives you the opportunity to meet and network with industry experts, who are pushing the innovation and development of fuel cells to the next level. Find out about new products, innovation, and advances in the field at this fascinating event.


Innovative products may be the reason you’re here at The Big 5 Solar, but don’t forget those everyday essentials such as Energy Storage Systems, maintenance, repair, and operations. Without these areas, your solar system simply won’t be efficient. The Big 5 Solar is your opportunity to talk to industry experts in all of these fields, and network with colleagues from around the world who are all committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation and development in solar energy. Meet the top exponents in maintenance, repair, and operations systems, and find out more about new methods of energy storage and sustainability.