Photovoltaics (PV)


As PV Cells and Modules become more efficient and more affordable, the popularity of solar power for small home units, industrial applications, and even larger scale arrays has brought this clean, green energy within reach of everyone. Today, it’s one of the fastest growing sources of power in the world, bringing cheap, affordable electricity to remote communities and modern cities alike. The Big 5 Solar is a gathering of the leading developers of photovoltaics in the world and is your chance to network with them as well as finding out more about the development of this fast-moving industry.


Lightweight, flexible, and super-efficient, PV Thin Film has revolutionised the development of home-based solar arrays, making them not only lighter and more practical, but more affordable for the average user. Today, PV Thin Film is leading the revolution in home and small business Solar energy production and has proven to be a real hit with customers around the world. At The Big 5 Solar, you’ll find out how the next-generation PV Thin Film cells are playing a part in new and exciting products, and network with the world’s experts in PV Thin Film development.


From the tiniest capacitors to PV film, brackets, and mountings, even the smallest Photovoltaic Components are essential for the success of a Solar array. They may not be as glamorous as the high-end energy storage units or charging technology, but components are critical to the proper running of your solar energy operation. Whether you’re offering householders individual PV arrays, or are upscaling to large units designed to deliver power to industrial units, you need to know about the very latest developments in PV Components. The Big 5 Solar gives you the chance to talk to experts from around the world, and perhaps find that essential component you’ve been looking for to make your operation leaner, cleaner, and greener.


An essential part of the solar power process, Photovoltaic inverters convert DC current output from a PV panel into AC current that can be used in the home or workplace. This critical balance of system component often comes with a number of special functions, including maximum power point tracking, and the safety feature of anti-islanding protection. Such a critical component is constantly being developed to ensure greater efficiency and reliability, and at The Big 5 Solar you can meet some of the world’s leading experts in PV Inverters, and find out how the field is responding to increasing market demands and an ever-changing marketplace. Discover the latest advances, and network with industry professionals who can help your business become leaner, greener, and more productive.


With the latest lightweight PV cells now offering cheaper, more efficient green energy to householders and businesses, other components must be up to the challenge too. So, at The Big 5 Solar, you’ll have the chance to network with industry professionals and find out about the latest PV Mounting Systems for every type of array. There’s also plenty of information on Installation Aids to make your systems easier to install and run, and Tracking Systems too. The Big 5 Solar gathers together the brightest and the best in the industry, to showcase the latest technology in what is one of the most important sectors in the energy industry.


Being able to successfully monitor and control your PV systems means that they’ll be more efficient, and it will also be easier to spot any fluctuations earlier, preventing damage to your array. At the Big 5 Solar, you’ll be able to meet enterprising companies and experts who can show you the latest PV Monitoring Measurement and Control Technology, and Energy Management systems. This is your chance to find out what’s happening at the forefront of the industry, and to network with some of the most influential and innovative professionals in PV management and control technology.


Key to the success of any photovoltaic array is the integration into either domestic or commercial system so that users can get the greatest benefit from their investment. Automation also ensures that systems can practically ‘run themselves’, keeping maintenance and operational costs down. The Big 5 Solar event brings together some of the world’s leading experts in PV Integration and Automation, so you can network with professionals who are working at the forefront of solar technology. It’s a fantastic opportunity for you to find out about the latest innovations, techniques, and automated management systems that could make a real difference to your business.


Building Integrated Solutions (BIPV) enables you to create bespoke, efficient PV systems for both domestic and commercial customers. If you’re looking for inspiration with the ability to find out the very latest Integrated Solutions for PV, then a trip to The Big 5 Solar will introduce you the very latest in innovative technologies presented by some of the world’s leading experts in PV development. Network with your peers and make new contacts in the industry, who can help to drive your business forward to the next level.


To ensure your solar energy business is maximising potential, you need to have the latest PV Manufacturing Equipment. Minimise waste, maximise profit, and push the limits of what’s possible by investing in the very latest cutting-edge equipment. The Big 5 Solar is your opportunity to meet PV Manufacturing Equipment suppliers from around the world, all showcasing their very best innovations, equipment, and techniques. Network with professionals who have years of experience in the industry, and come away with new contacts that could take your business to the next level.


EPC Contracting covers almost every eventuality of your business needs, from Engineering and Procurement to Construction. EPC Contracting and Project Development experts from around the world will all be attending The Big 5 Solar, and this is your chance to network with some of the leading experts in construction, engineering, and procurement. Find out about the latest engineering and construction techniques, or meet Project Development experts who can get your project off the ground. Whether you’re interested in domestic or commercial arrays, building a better future with cleaner, greener energy is easier when you work with the best engineers, managers, and designers.


Installing PV systems is only half of the job. Once they’re up and running, they need ongoing maintenance, and even the occasional repair, if they’re going to remain efficient and effective power sources. PV Maintenance, Repair, and Operations is a key part of solar energy, and at The Big 5 Solar, you’ll have the chance to meet and network with specialists in all types of PV Maintenance, Repair, and Operations. From single domestic units to large commercial solar arrays, they’ll be showcasing the very latest and most efficient ways of keeping your solar arrays operational.