Solar Technologies and Related Services


Cutting-edge solar technology and energy production needs the latest innovations in software and IT solutions to ensure its success. From central control systems to on-the-ground microcontrollers that ensure the power generated by solar arrays is transferred smoothly and efficiently, software governs, manages, and maintains the systems we are coming to depend upon more and more. Today, leading producers of software solutions are working closely with the green energy industry to create new and exciting concepts that could push solar energy production to the top of the agenda around the world. Many of these innovators will be here at The Big 5 Solar, showcasing their designs, ideas, and developed software. If you’re looking for IT solutions to partner with your energy development program, you’ll meet the brightest and the best engineers right here.


If you’re new to the world of solar technology or are interested in developing key areas of your business, it pays to talk to a consultant. Specialists in all areas of solar technology will be bringing their expertise and experience to The Big 5 Solar in Dubai this year, giving you access to an unprecedented level of talent, professionalism, and innovative thinking. Consultants from around the world will be here, showcasing their consulting services to the industry, and providing you with solutions, ground-breaking ideas, and business strategy to get your solar energy project on track.


The key ingredient in the success of any solar technology is efficiency. Converting as much solar energy into usable power means greater returns on an investment. Continuous testing is a must, and across the world, Testing Institutions are offering the very latest in assessment techniques, methodology and development to ensure your equipment is as efficient as possible. At The Big 5 Solar in Dubai, Testing Institutions from around the world will be attending, giving you the chance to meet and greet with some of the world's leading experts in solar technology analysis and testing. It's the perfect opportunity to find out more, and make lasting connections with fellow professionals in the world of solar technology.


If it wasn’t for Research and Development, we’d still be relying on fossil fuels for all our energy needs. Now, thanks to innovation, ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking and the development of new and more efficient solar technology, we are beginning to move towards greener, cleaner energy. At the Big 5 Solar in Dubai, you’ll be able to meet some of the world’s most important Research and Development specialists, and find out where the industry is going in the next 20 years. They’ll be bringing their expertise, their experience, and their vision to share with you, and give you an insight into the latest developments in solar technology.


Do you have a great solar energy-focused product, but need the financial investment to bring it to market? At The Big 5 Solar, you’ll have the chance to talk to some of the world’s most influential Financing and Investment experts, who are looking for innovative opportunities to help drive the industry forward. This chance to talk to genuine investors is unprecedented and is an opportunity not to be missed. Financing and Investment is the backbone of the industry, and this is a rare chance to meet committed investors who share your vision for generating cleaner, greener energy production.


Education and training within the solar technology industry is crucial to encouraging a new generation of engineers, innovators, software designers, and creative thinkers, who will drive the industry forward. At the Big 5 Solar, you’ll be able to meet some of the world’s leading training and education specialists, who are here to connect with you and offer you the chance to expand your skills set and your knowledge. Education and Training experts will be showcasing new training methods that don’t just educate the next generation but instil a real passion for solar technology too. This is your chance to connect with them and perhaps even develop your own training methods further.


It’s not just the business community that’s interested in the advancement of solar technology – government organizations and associations are deeply involved in the development of solar too. At the Big 5 Solar, you’ll have the opportunity to find out what government organisations and associations around the world are doing to drive forward the development of clean energy. Meet some of the most influential decision-makers on the planet, and exchange ideas with the world’s leading experts and advisory bodies currently working with governments all around the world.


The engineering and design sector frequently publishes new information on innovation, design, and development within the solar technology sector. This crucial conduit of information keeps everyone updated as to what’s happening on the field, and what they need to do to keep up. At the Big 5 Solar, you’ll have the opportunity to meet some of the leading names in media and publishing houses that specialise in engineering and design. If you have an innovation of your own, this could also be the opportunity to raise the profile of your business, invention, or development, and publicise it to the market.