Solar Thermal Technologies (ST)


The most important thing that solar thermal collectors have to be as efficient at gathering the energy of the sun’s rays. Over the past few years, ground-breaking developments in the construction and operation of solar thermal collectors have not only brought the price down for ordinary users but made them more cost effective too. At the Big 5 Solar, you’ll get the chance to find out what’s been happening in the world of solar thermal collectors, and network with some of the field’s leading exponents, developers and innovators, making this one of the most important events you’ll attend this year.


With increasing potential to use solar energy to generate heat for homes and businesses around the world, more efficient collection and delivery technology, and worldwide support for the use of renewable energy, the solar technology industry is at the vanguard of engineering and innovation. At the Big 5 Solar, you’ll have the opportunity to network with the industry’s greatest experts in Solar Thermal Processing and Heat generation, discuss new techniques, and find out about the very latest in solar thermal heat processing equipment.


Comfort in the home or office is all-important, and with the rising costs of fossil-fuel-based cooling systems, new alternatives are being actively sought by builders, developers, and property managers. Solar thermal air-conditioning and cooling is a burgeoning market, especially in hot climates, offering a cheap and practical alternative to conventional cooling systems. At the Big 5 Solar, you’ll get the chance to talk to leading experts in this newly emerging field, as well as network with some of the leading developers of solar thermal air-conditioning and cooling products.


Solar thermal system technologies cover a wide spectrum of essential components, from pumps and fittings, heat exchangers and expansion tanks, through to control systems and air separators. Every component must be as efficient as possible, and in all areas of solar thermal system technology, advances are being made every day. The Big 5 Solar is your opportunity to meet and network with experts in all these fields, and find out more about the development of one of the most important industries in the 21st century.


Building techniques have changed beyond all recognition in the past decades, and one of the most important developments has been the rise of solar thermal integrated building solutions. From rooftop arrays that supply an entire building with light and power to open-loop systems that connect to external solar power supplies, the use of integrated building solutions that work alongside existing systems is key to the future of solar. The Big 5 Solar gives you the opportunity to network with innovative companies and experts who are leading the way in integrating solar thermal solutions into modern building methods, pushing the industry forward for both domestic and commercial building.


Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (or EPC) is one of the key areas of development in the Solar industry. From design to development, through to installation and maintenance, the world’s top EPC Contracting and Project Development specialists will be represented at The Big 5 Solar in Dubai this year. This is your chance to meet and network with experts in all areas of EPC Contracting, as well as the world’s top project development specialists who are continually pushing the boundaries of Solar energy.


The relatively new field of Concentrated Solar Power (or CSP) is pushing the development of mirrored lensing systems forward, and making them into a viable clean energy production method that could revolutionise power production. Using solar thermal energy to drive turbines, it’s at the forefront of green energy production. The Big 5 Solar gives you the chance to meet and network with some of the world’s leading experts in CSP Maintenance, Repair, and Operations, and to learn more about this fledgeling industry that has massive potential for the future.