26 - 29 November 2018 11:00 - 19:00 DAILY


2018 Solar Talks Agenda

12:00 - 12:45
Integrated Solar Roofs - Is the Market Poised for Growth?
  • New amendments by DEWA to ease approval requirements to boost rooftop solar
  • Overview on local market and oil prices effects on solar
  • Challenges and consideration for rooftop solar systems
  • Assessing how solar energy could grow efficiently and robustly in the UAE
13:00 - 13:45
The Final Frontier: Lightweight PV Panels
  • Technology overview
  • Matching performance to requirement
  • Manufacturing choices
  • The next generation


Dr. Geoff J Nesbitt, Chief Executive Officer




15:00 - 15:45
How Blockchain is Transforming the Energy Market?
  • How can cryptocurrency be used for energy payments?
  • What is the process of trading energy online?
  • Adopting peer-to-peer model-How will this change the way energy is bought and sold?
16:00 - 16:45
Solar Energy on Rental property- Guidelines for Tenants and Home Owners
  • Renting a property with rooftop solar- Is it beneficial for tenant?
  • Overcoming the barrier of ‘split incentives’- where the economic benefit of solar panels goes to the renter, but the cost falls on the landlord
  • What are the possible financial arrangements with tenants to ensure a return on investment? Ad hoc agreements, Pay-for-consumption model
12:00 - 12:45
The Countdown to Reinvention for Utilities


    • Discuss when distributed energy technologies (particularly solar PV and battery storage) will make the utilities' core retail  business model unsustainable
    • Results of EY’s study which calculates three critical energy tipping points for various regions across the globe:
      • when self-generation of power becomes affordable for all
      • when EVs become mainstream mobility options
      • when delivering power via the grid costs more than it does for consumers to produce it themselves
    • Discuss how utilities could respond to the tipping points


Fazil Abdul Rahiman, Assistant Manager - Climate Change & Sustainability Services MENA

Ernst & Young


13:00 - 13:45
Developing and Operating PV Power Plants at Competitive LCOEs
  • Panel Efficiency- How solar panels with high-efficiency can help in lowering area-related costs?
  • How capacity factors have increased over time with shift towards new technologies?
  • Role of Reliable System Performance in reducing power plant financing costs and lowering the LCOE
15:00 - 15:45
Challenges Towards Deploying Solar PV + Battery system
  • Modelling the impacts of large scale PV Deployment
  • Industrial, technical and policy synergies relevant to solar energy deployment.
  • Possible constraints on materials availability and cost analysis
16:00 - 16:45
Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) Systems Market Tendencies, Strategies, and Technologies
  • Policies: research and development on CSP storage
  • CSP or PV? Choosing the right way to generate electricity
  • Power Tower Systems and Parabolic Trough System- How it works and challenges associated with each
12:00 - 12:45
Role of Green Finance in Financing Solar Projects in UAE
  • Public policies and incentives supporting green finance
  • What are the risks involved in Green Financing?
  • MENA Financing programs-how government and financial institutions are approaching the financial challenge of supporting solar energy growth worldwide?
  • The surge of green bonds and how can it help investors?
13:00 - 13:45
Solar Powered Desalination: Its Significant Challenges and Potential
  • How is solar energy used for sea water desalination in GCC? Integration of solar desalination in solar power plants
  • Cost-effectiveness, energy-efficiency of potential technologies for solar-desalination systems
  • What are the economics and other practical issues associated with employing solar-desalination systems?
15:00 - 15:45
Significance of Bifacial Module Technology in Solar
    • What is a bifacial solar cell and how it works?
    • How much more energy do bifacial modules generate?
    • Challenges and outlook for the Bifacial modules
    • Considerations for investors


Kevin Robinson, Technical Services Manager-Middle East and Africa

JinkoSolar and Founding Member, South African Photovoltaic Industry Association (SAPVIA)


16:00 - 16:45
Solar Architecture and Building Integration
  • What are Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV)? Overview of BIPV Designs – Roof integrated and Façade integrated
  • Role of solar energy in designing energy-efficient buildings and construction practices
  • Aesthetic challenges, space availability issues and envelope integrity problems
12:00 - 12:45
How Solar Energy is used for Indoor Sensor Systems?
  • Amount of energy available for collection using various commercially available solar technologies in common lighting environments
  • What are some of the things to consider when choosing a solar technology?
  • Is solar capable of harvesting significantly more power than many other sources?
00:00 - 00:00
The Future of Solar Hybrid Systems in UAE Market
  • Overview of design and simulation tools for hybrid PV systems
  • Challenges while designing a Hybrid Solar Power Plant
  • Advantages and disadvantages of hybrid system in UAE
15:00 - 15:45
Optimizing PV, Inverter and Storage Capacity to Create a Compelling Value Proposition
  • How to size the inverter and storage solution for a variety of real world cases?
  • Role of software optimization and implications to the customer value proposition
  • Developing optimization techniques that can be applied to find the most cost-effective designs on a site-by-site basis
16:00 - 16:45
Strategic QHSE Management in High Risk Environments
  • QHSE Integrated Management System requirements to ensure safe production
  • Driving organisational QHSE culture to achieve productivity, efficiency and safety
  • Develop and implement successful Operational QHSE Risk Management strategies
  • Using QHSE Culture Maturity Development Tools to improve behavior-based safety


Marcéll Greeff, Deputy Senior Manager – Occupational Health and Safety

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority