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Morocco Solar Association








The GCC region includes many of the most energy-advantaged countries in the world. While each of these nations shares of vast potential for solar energy, each has its own unique solar business model and cultural identity. Solar GCC Alliance exists to encourage each of its affiliate countries to pursue independent solar development, while simultaneously providing an infrastructure for international collaboration. The ten affiliate countries include Bahrain, Kuwait, Egypt, Jordan, Oman, Morocco, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Palestine.Visit the affiliate sites listed on our mother platform at www.solargcc.com to learn more about solar initiatives in each member nation. We encourage business, government, and academic institutions in affiliate nations and the international community to join us in our efforts to make the solar potential of the MENA region a reality.

The Solar GCC Alliance Network is built on the principal of local participation and local organization management. We now have local representation in 9 countries and soon to be 10 countries. Participation in the Solar GCC Alliance Network provides access to a local points of contact in key markets across the GCC / MENA region. A building block of Solar GCC Alliance is to encourage local national participation and capacity building.

For more information, visit http://www.morocco-sia.com