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PV Inverters

Source the Latest Solar Photovoltaics Inverter Components

An essential part of the solar power process, Photovoltaic inverters convert DC current output from a PV panel into AC current that can be used in the home or workplace. This critical balance of system component often comes with a number of special functions, including maximum power point tracking, and the safety feature of anti-islanding protection. Such a critical component is constantly being developed to ensure greater efficiency and reliability, and at The Big 5 Solar you can meet some of the world’s leading experts in PV Inverters, and find out how the field is responding to increasing market demands and an ever-changing marketplace. Discover the latest advances, and network with industry professionals who can help your business become leaner, greener, and more productive.

Attending The Big 5 Solar also gives you access to the Global Leader’s Summit, a prestigious gathering of the industry’s top experts in solar power, who are all committed to developing global solutions for the benefit of everyone. Take part in lively debates and discussions on the future of the industry, but book your ticket early, as we expect seats to sell out quickly! The Global Leader’s Summit takes place alongside The Big 5 in Dubai at the World Trade Centre on the 27th November.

Visitors specifically looking for PV Inverters exhibitors at The Big 5 Solar should check their event booklet to learn how best to network with the relevant exhibitors so that you can reach them in the shortest time.