25 - 28 November 2019 | 11:00 - 19:00 Daily


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Software and IT Solution

Source the Latest Software & IT Solutions for Solar

Cutting-edge solar technology and energy production needs the latest innovations in software and IT solutions to ensure its success. From central control systems to on-the-ground microcontrollers that ensure the power generated by solar arrays is transferred smoothly and efficiently, software governs, manages, and maintains the systems we are coming to depend upon more and more. Today, leading producers of software solutions are working closely with the green energy industry to create new and exciting concepts that could push solar energy production to the top of the agenda around the world. Many of these innovators will be here at The Big 5 Solar, showcasing their designs, ideas, and developed software. If you’re looking for IT solutions to partner with your energy development program, you’ll meet the brightest and the best engineers right here.

Attendees at The Big 5 Solar can also attend the Global Leader’s Summit, giving everyone a unique chance to gain the latest insights from industry leaders in the world of solar technology. On offer will be in-depth debates and discussions, highlighting a global vision on renewable energy. The event takes place alongside The Big 5 in Dubai at the World Trade Centre on the 27th November. Register now for this summit as seats will fill up quickly!

Visitors specifically looking for Software & IT Solutions for Solar should check their event booklet to learn how best to network with the relevant exhibitors so that you can reach them in the shortest time.